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Saint George International School


With more than 35 years of experience, the Saint George International School is focused on training, constant updating of a model and educational environment capable of guiding each student towards excellence and leadership.



Science Teacher, has the task of implementing and delivering an appropriately balanced and relevant academic curriculum for its students; so that it facilitates and encourages a meaningful learning experience that allows them to reach their maximum academic potential.



1.    Organize and direct the classes in accordance with the programs of the School.

2.    Prepare agendas and weekly planning for students.

3.    Promote the good behavior of the students.

4.    Participate actively and responsibly in the maintenance of discipline in the hours of entry, recess, cultural events and other activities that take place in the School.

5.    Participate with students in Science competitions.




1.    Prepare with punctuality and care the Quarterly and Weekly Plans on the contents that will be object of the learning on the part of their students.

2.    Use textbooks and workbooks approved by the Management and the digital platform.

3.    Be example of morality, civility, patriotic love, spirit of work and cooperation, inside and outside the campus. Require students to strictly comply with the rules regarding the school uniform.

4.    Fully take responsibility for each grade given to exercises, assignments, exams and others. This responsibility includes registering and managing your notes in the system weekly.

5.    Participate actively and responsibly in the maintenance of discipline in the hours of admission, recess, cultural events and other activities that develop in the school.



1.    Have a Bachelor's degree in science or similiar.

2.    Previous experience as a teacher in similar positions.

3.    Excellent level of English (indispensable). Classes taught in English.

4.    Ability to work in a team and a sense of leadership.

5.    Excellent diction and oratory.

6.    Proactive, dynamic, organized and punctual.



1. Work Stability

2. Good work environment.

3. Continuous training.

4. Shuttle Bus in and out.


At Saint George International School we educate and inspire our students to reach their full potential and contribute to the development of Panama towards a first world nation.


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