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A food outlet company is searching for a Spanish/English speaking QHSE Officer with experience in the hospitality industry to oversee food production/service activities ensuring food safety standards are being implemented

Scope of work

Ø  Responsible for all aspects of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) within the identified areas, ensuring QHSE guidelines, food safety & hygiene standards, policies, procedures, forms and all records are being implemented, monitored and maintained up-to-date. Promotes a safety at work culture at all times.


Ø  To assist with the development of an efficient and effective QHSE awareness culture in line with the company’s plans and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) within the service areas

Ø  Communicates company and legal QHSE standards, regulations, guidelines, policy and procedure to all staff.

Ø  Communicates directly with QHSE Manager for all general and food safety concerns.

Ø  Ensures effective participation by staff in the implementation of Quality Assurance and QHSE policies and procedures.

Ø  Assisting with the implementation of HSE programs and procedures required to ensure safe working practices within the work areas

Ø  Ensures compliance with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) standards

Ø  Compiles a COSHH Record and maintains copies on file

Ø  Ensures staff are trained in COSHH processes

Ø  Ensures all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for all chemicals, in areas being used, that staff understand where to find them in an emergency, are aware of the hazards and risks relating to chemicals used

Ø  Ensures all food handlers are made aware of and comply with all Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) throughout the food chain within the storage, handling, production and service areas

Ø  Ensures that the correct safety signs are posted throughout the food production and service areas

Ø  Assists with planning and implementing improvements and expansions where required

Ø  Assists with maintaining and updating HSE operation and training manuals, JHA’s, risk assessments, work instructions, policies and procedures and all related forms.

Ø  Maintains training records per employee, per category, per topic (HSE, Food Safety awareness etc)

Ø  Prepares reports, analyzes data, and makes recommendations for improving operations

Ø  Communicates regularly with all Management and staff, both individually and as a group, to ensure good two-way communication concerning safety issues, conduct, Toolbox Talks topics, and risk assessments

Ø  Ensures that all quality, health, safety, and environment policies, procedures and records are being maintained and filed for future auditing purposes.

Ø  Monitors inventory usage, and conducts physical inspections/audits/counts using ‘theoretical’ stock sheets as the prime document  

Ø  Conducts a systematic inspection of all food production and service areas/facilities using the approved KPI audit form and submits audit a detailed report of finding

Ø  Ensures that the most senior person in the department attends and escorts the inspecting team during visits

Ø  Conducts food safety quality assurance tests using the appropriate testing kit, as an example but not limited to:

o   chlorine testing strips: Sanitizing fresh fruits and vegetables, calibrating soak-bins (for chopping boards)

o   oil quality testing strips: Used cooking oil quality

o   quaternary ammonium testing strips: for all food contact surfaces and calibrating cleaning solution

o   protein swab tests: Hand washing/hygiene

o   Any other related tests

Ø  Ensures immediate corrective action, if a nonconformance has been identified, escalates any outstanding issues or concerns to the QHSE Manager or designate

Ø  Attendance may be required occasionally outside normal work hours to deal with emergency situations

Ø  Completes Incident & Accident report, root cause investigations, suggests changes to policy and procedure to prevent re-occurrences and re-trains staff in the current, new or change of procedure

Ø  Ensures all corrective actions are completed by the identified target date, follow-up any Lost Time Incident (LTI) and/or any emergencies

Ø  Ability to understand and perform QHSE duties in all areas of the operation (food safety, facility maintenance)

Ø  Updates personal skills, and knowledge to ensure industry Best Practices are understood, current and incorporated in the system

Ø  Carries out any other QHSE related aspect as directed by the QHSE Manager or designate

Ø  Appropriate uniform must be worn in accordance with the job requirement, and Company requirements.

Skills/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES and specifications

Ø  Local or international HSE qualification, or 2 years equivalent experience within a food safety role

Ø  Fluent in Spanish and English (written and spoken)

Ø  Good verbal and numerate skills

Ø  Strong organization, leadership, people management and team building ability

Ø  IT literate in Microsoft Office programmes

Ø  Experience in safety standards, practices and procedures in cooking and serving from commercial outlets, cleaning, laundry, water production plant sectors

Ø  ISO Internal Quality Auditor (9001:2015, 22000, 14001, or OHSAS 18001:2007 (or 1999))

Ø  Quality Assurance and Quality Control experience

Ø  Ability to accurately complete all documentation in a timely manner and implement and maintain a paper-trail system for internal auditing purposes

Ø  Ability to understand and be familiar with general work flow processes, procedures and systems

Ø  Ability to communicate verbal and written instructions at a high professional standard

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