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About SABIS®: SABIS® is a global education network that has an active presence in 20 countries on five continents. Schools in the SABIS® Network educate over 70,000 students and implement a proven, proprietary system. SABIS® Network schools provide students with a top-quality education that prepares them to meet the challenges of a changing world.

SABIS® and SABIS® Network schools employ over 8,000 employees worldwide.

For more information about the SABIS® Network, visit:


Job Purpose: Ensuring that the academics results as well as the SABIS® teaching methodology is being applied to the utmost standards as per SABIS® requirements. As well as communicating with parents to keeping them informed, updated on the progress of their children.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Conducting classroom observation on a daily basis to ensure that the SABIS® point system as well as classroom management techniques are being applied as well as providing useful feedback through meetings and written feedback to the teachers on their performance
  • Meeting with Subject coordinators to check the updated results of students in order to develop a documented action plan for the failing students
  • Preparing exams schedules and/or study list(s) term by term so that students are aware of the exams and the materials needed ahead of time
  • Monitoring the performance of the assigned shadow teacher to ensure that they are using and following the SABIS® point system and teaching methodologies
  • Conducting regular spot checks on student’s workbooks, copybooks and diaries to ensure that teaches are using the point system teaching methodology
  • Playing an active role during the teacher training program if and when needed
  • Following up and attending the teacher training program in order to get an understanding of the quality of new recruits into the system
  • Preparing letters to be sent to parents regarding academic and behavioral issues in order to clarify the points in each of these polices
  • Meeting and/or contacting parents of academically weak students to inform them about their child’s performance and putting together relevant action plans in place if needed
  • Documenting the minutes of meeting with parents
  • Conducting the performance appraisals of the teachers in coordination with the Head of departments/ subject coordinators in order to assess their performance
  • Acting as a mentor and/or role model with all teachers and students within their supervision
  • Continuously following up on the progress of students on a termly basis by entering the academic comments on the end of term reports to inform parents about actions that will be taken
  • Meeting with the student management coordinator to follow up on the action plans taken in order to improve the behavioral situations of the students
  • Coordinating with the student life coordinator the academic support sessions that took place to ensure that it was efficient and effective
  • Ensuring that all teachers under their supervision are submitting the lessons plans in a timely manner
  • Performing such other related tasks or projects as they arise and as delegated by the SABIS® management
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