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Role Description


The Medical Manager is responsible for providing, gathering and preparing information to meet the medical scientific objectives agreed upon on time. The functions can be derived from the following areas:


Development of new products


Conduct scientific medical evaluations and provide recommendations for (new) ingredients, indications, applications, formulations, etc.

Evaluate new ideas, concepts, licenses and develop opportunities from a medical perspective.

Identify and propose innovative ingredients and concepts to the internal innovation process.

Act as a scientific advisor within project teams.

Seek and guide external medical experts in the development of a new product.


Consumer customer

Address scientific questions and requests from consumers, HCPs, distributors, patient organizations, etc.


Life cycle management / Regulatory authorities

Ensure that current scientific knowledge is adequate and is reflected in the scientific documentation for regulatory purposes.


Address scientific requests issued by the authorities and provide information according to the request, provide statements of experts in accordance with the request.


Marketing / Exports / Business Development / Business Units

Provide information / recommendations in terms of scientific questions (eg market research, requirements / products offered by third parties and business units)


Contribute to the development of marketing and sales.

Approve affirmations and scientific content of locally developed materials (eg Packing, SMPC, PIL, folders, press releases, T.V. and advertising)


Clinical studies / Non-interventional studies and publications

Support the establishment of the study design (in close collaboration with the clinical administration), review the study report and create and / or manage the scientific publications, when required with the external medical experts


Medical experts & Patient organizations

Supervise all activities involving expert doctors (in accordance with P&G policies) establish and maintain contact with expert doctors, lead medical meetings to prepare or approve publications, presentations or scientific documents, to cooperate with HCPs and patients.


Scientific training

Prepare and maintain scientific training and present the data in accordance with the required.


Product safety


Conduct clinical evaluations during the preparation of the periodic safety update report (PSUR). Support the safety of medicines / foods in the process of reports of intolerance and adverse events.


Safety and labeling committee / SLC


The medical manager will assist the SLC as an expert on certain issues, provide scientific feedback, and support the decision making of the SLC.


Main documents of the company.


Medicinal products: develop and maintain CCDS of the global strategic and non-strategic products, the medical manager directs the internal team multifunctional expert in the process of creating the CCDS and provides scientific support to countries in the process of implementation of the CCDS. (Example: Respond to the requirements of authorities, provide statements of clinical experts). Develop and maintain the clinical part of the dossier.

Food supplements: provide and maintain the PI (product information, label relevance and SI (scientific information).











Qualifications required for this role:

Experience in the pharmaceutical industry, preferably in the medical area

 Experience in medical products, food supplements and medical devices

Knowledge of regulatory requirements, and product development standards, regulations and internal quality documents.




Ability to work in functional and multicultural environments

Negotiation, creative skills, maintain reliable and strong relationships.


5 years of experience as Medical Manager

Excellent visionary, strategic and clear leadership skills


Strengths with strategic and analytical thinking


Strong ability to communicate and team capabilities


Proficiency in English (written and spoken).

Strong thinking/problem-solving skills which can be applied to business processes with a "can-do" attitude

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