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We are currently seeking an Occupational Medicine Practitioner to join our dynamic Human Resources Area.


• Participate in the identification health hazards in the work environment and the assessment of related health risks.
• Liaison with the occupational hygienist regarding the occupation risk exposure profile and the controls measure implemented
 to reduce the health effects.
• Participate in workplace assessment program and evaluate health aspects of new equipment, procedures and changes to legislation.

• Conduct appropriate risk based medical examinations (including initial, periodic, exit, transfer) based on workplace hazards
according to the occupational exposure risk profile and hygiene exposure results.
• Through the evidence-based medical assessment process specific to the roles identified indicate whether a worker is fit, fit
subject to work modifications, or unfit to meet inherent requirements of the role and final sign off of certificate of fitness. 
• Perform specific health evaluation in the following circumstances
o Driver/Operator Declaration of Fitness
o Working at Heights
o Working in Confined Spaces
o Food handlers
o Sewerage workers
o Return to work: Physical fitness, determination of fitness to work following any absences from work which include occupational
 and non-occupational injuries and illnesses.
• Implementation of specific health protocols in addition to risk based medical surveillance where applicable (list is not exhaustive)
o Respiratory Health Management
o Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) Prevention
o Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention
• Identify, establish and review needs for biological monitoring as part of medical surveillance.
• Report the results of medical surveillance to relevant stakeholders (including workers and line managers), managing medical
information/records in accordance with applicable legislative requirements.
• Analysis of the medical surveillance data and identify high risk areas requiring intervention.
• Regular interaction with employees to ensure they are adequately informed of the risks in their workplace and the results of all
 medical examinations.

• The 24-hour emergency and ambulance service is the responsibility of the Clinic Medical Service.
• Acute injury management and follow-up is the responsibility of the Clinic Medical Service.
• Collaboration with the Clinical Medical Officer regarding the severity of the injury and the fitness to work.

• Monitor employee’ state of health on a regular basis (periodical examination) so as to detect potential occupational illnesses at
 an early stage, thereby determining the efficacy of hazard control measures.
• Initiate and participate in illness investigations to determine work relatedness and work aggravation and enable workplace restrictions,
modifications and improvements to reduce the risk of recurrence.
• Diagnosis and clinical management of occupational diseases.
• Ensure timely referral for employees to external specialist for appropriate/definitive diagnosis, treatment and management of
occupational illnesses.

• Within in the multi-disciplinary team undertake case management as a goal-oriented approach to achieving specific return to work
and work retention outcomes in accordance with the Return to Work Policy and Procedure PAN-HR-RTW-MPSA v1.0.
• All absences of more than 4 (four) days inclusive will initiate the Return to Work procedure and development of a plan detailing
 the duties the employee will undertake, any modifications to work equipment, PPC/PPE and the hours of work. This includes all occupational
 and non-occupational conditions including return from maternity leave.
• Collaborate with HR, the line management and the employee to identify reasonable accommodations for the employee’s limitations.
• Refer employee for vocational rehabilitation aimed at enabling the employee to adapt to the duties or work circumstances surrounding
the employee's disability and thereby ensuring the employee’s reintegration into the workplace and society as a whole.
• Evaluation of all external medical reports to determine fitness to work.
• Provide timeous and comprehensive reports to line management and HR.
• Where required provide information in the medical incapacitation process in line with medical ethics where an employee has been
declared unfit to work.
• Participate in the risk assessment and process according to Protection of Pregnant Employees Guidelines MPSA-HR-0002.

• Identify employee with chronic conditions during annual medical surveillance.
• Arrange specialist referral to ensure optimisation of treatment where necessary.
• Participation in wellness campaigns and activities as and when required.

• Participation and feedback at various forums which include but is not limited to team
                meetings, case management, incapacitation and disability, workplace assessments.
• Interface with FQM Group Medical Advisor as and when required.

Educational Requirements

a. Educación (Escolaridad que requiere) / Education (Level of schooling required)
•  Registered Medical Practitioner


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