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Location of position:  Naos, Amador


The Laboratory Manager is responsible for the administration of the laboratory in order to assure its correct operation. This administration includes the supervision and training of postdocs, students and interns, the management of the accounts, the maintenance and organization of the laboratory and all its operations.


Major duties and responsibilities:

  • Manage the laboratory accounts, purchase orders and keep clear financial records.
  • Complete and updates MSDS and responsible for SI safety compliance.
  • Assure the availability of lab supplies and equipment.
  • Conduct research in laboratory and fieldwork and collection of animals/data.
  • Scientific diving to support fieldwork.
  • Work with downloading and maintaining oceanographic instruments including pH, O2, CTD and flow sensors.
  • Assist with the design and construction of custom sensor arrays and experimental systems for the field.
  • Run discrete seawater samples through laboratory carbonate chemistry analyses of alkalinity, pH, dissolved inorganic carbon, and nutrients.
  • Maintain a database of data from multiple oceanographic sensors.
  • Train and coordinate the work of employees, fellows, and interns.
  • Maintenance of live animals kept in the laboratory.
  • Ensures the compliance of the lab’s safety requirements.
  • Prepare and submit scientific permits in English and in Spanish. Ensure that all permits are up to date.



  • Master’s degree in biological science.
  • 2+ years of experience with experimental fieldwork, scientific diving, microscopy, carbonate chemistry or comparable lab experience.  Engineering experience would be desirable.
  • Experience maintaining multi-stressor aquarium experiments with corals and other reef organisms.
  • Knowledge of management and administrative concepts, theories, principles, methods and techniques to organize, administer and manage operational activities.
  • Knowledge of computer software applications (MS Office, Windows, Access, and other related to his/hers duties).
  • Ability to communicate fluently with a wide range of people fluently in both Spanish and English in a multicultural environment
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