Human Resources Director (Advanced English Language proficiency)


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Responsible for the strategies of international talent attraction, advise to make a suitable selection of personnel, as well as the development and career plans of the staff and talent retention. Responsible for implementing programs such as: identification of high potentials, motivational plans, succession plans, induction programs, as well as communication and implementation of the processes related to the performance evaluation tool.



·      Bachelor of Business Administration, Engineering, or related careers.

·      Master Degree 

·      Five (5) years as Human Resources Manager.

·      Advanced English language proficiency

·      Management and administration of teamwork

·      Orientation to fulfill goals and objectives.

·      Excellent interpersonal relationships

·      Numerical ability and ability to analyze.

·      Organized, planned




·      Make strategic alliances with sources of talent (local and foreign universities, professional associations, educational associations as well as consulting companies).

·      Work directly with all Departments

·      Design strategies to attract talent at the international level

·      Attend, retain and develop competitive talent at the same time allow to have the necessary tools for decision making.

·      Managing day-to-day activities, analyzing statistics reading and writing reports

·      Planning and controlling change.

·      Make efficient the acquisition of new talent for the school, in a proactive and non-reactive way

·      Design and administer training and development programs aligned with the school strategy.


    Design plans to strengthen the culture, values, climate and organizational environment.




Ability to perform multiple tasks

• Decision making

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