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To study the investment and financing business policies and regulations related to the construction industry in Latin America;


2. Collect and analyse market information of Latin American investment business, and formulate market investment development plans;


3. Responsible for debt financing, equity financing, overseas financing, asset financing and financial innovation research of the company's investment and financing projects;


4. Participate in the preliminary negotiation and bidding of project investment, direct communication with financial institutions, design financing plan and organize financial calculation according to project financing needs, and provide decision-making reference for project investment and financing operations.

5. Provide suggestions for the fund management of the company's investment projects, improve the efficiency of capital use, saving financial costs, and create economic benefits for the company;


6. Cooperate with the project company to complete the operation management and repurchase management of the investment project to ensure timely withdrawal of funds.

1. Have relevant Qualified degree in Engineering technology, Engineering economics, or Finance (the overseas diplomas should obtain the authentication issued by the local Ministry of Education);


2. Engaged in investment and financing business for more than 5 years, familiar with Latin American investment and financing business and financial institution related business operation process;


4. Good health, good manner, no criminal record (including financial institution sanctions records, industry bans record?etc.);


5. Have good coordination, management ability and excellent command in spoken and written English;



Engineering technology, Engineering Economics, or Finance degree.

English Fluent


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