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Job Purpose:

Serves as a company leader, overseeing day-to-day operations and focusing on the long-term interests of the business. Pursues new business opportunities and manages functions such as company associations, employee activities and evaluations, and other matters that relate to a company's operations. Plays an important role in marketing or corporate management.

Commercial Manager Job Duties:

  • Examines company rules to make sure they stay relevant and makes recommendations for necessary changes
  • Looks for opportunities to grow a business, whether through partnerships or new initiatives, and works to take advantage of those opportunities
  • Analyses sales and other reports that give insight into how a company can make adjustments to improve performance
  • Assists our general manager and works as a member of a cohesive team
  • Resolves issues with contracts and commercial operations
  • Assesses risks and makes recommendations based on a thorough analysis of all factors involved in a business situation
  • Manages daily company operations
  • Coaches employees on best practices for managing contract issues and handling daily issues and tasks
  • Accepts extra duties as situations arise
  • Works efficiently and calmly tight deadlines or other stress factors arise

Commercial Manager Skills and Qualifications:

  • College degree in Marketing, sales or business administration
  • Ability to Prioritise
  • Strong Organisational Skills
  • Strong Coaching Skills
  • Strong Oral and creative Communication Skills
  • Negotiating Talent
  • Superb with Deadlines
  • Decisive, Advanced Problem-Solving Capabilities
  • Professional, Thorough
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Ability to Process the Big-Picture Items
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