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1.  Review Receipts Schedule to assign the tasks of the day, allocate resources and identify deficiencies.

2.Coordinate daily activities with Processing and Shipping, and reassign personnel and equipment, if necessary.

3. Update Receiving Report daily with the Imports Coordinator and email every afternoon to upper management.

4. Monitor productivity and fulfillment of daily tasks to correct deviations from the plan and inform the DC Mgr.

5.  Review compliance with Receipts Schedule and report daily performance.

6. Calculate staffing and space requirements to meet monthly goals based on weekly analysis of product in transit (MIT) and in manufacturing (WIP).

7. Develop and execute the storage strategy.

8. Know, maintain, teach and improve your processes to help the business grow.

9. Create and maintain a safe and healthy environment to improve performance through good management practices, and team development and motivation, in line with the vision of the organization.

10.   In coordination with the DC Manager, receive training in Processing, Shipping, and Traffic Management for professional development.

11.   In coordination with the areas of Processing and Shipping, and Traffic, schedule cross training of DC Supervisors for their professional development.


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