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Scope of work

Support the Camp Manager to develop the Camp operations to deliver a cohesive high quality service that is auditable. To assume the role and responsibilities of the Camp Manager when the Camp Manager is not onsite. To manage the Scope of Work (SOW) as per Clients/Company contractual agreement covering  (but not limited to) HSE, HR, Administration, catering, food service, housekeeping, laundry, staff training, budgeting and cost control, procurement, camp facilities maintenance and landscaping. To operate in accordance with Minera-Panama Camp Facilities Management vision, spirit, ethics, standards, professionalism and to represent the company in a positive light to Clients.



  • Assumes the role and responsibilities of the Camp Manager when the Camp Manager is offsite for rotation or other leaves
  • Supports the Camp Manager to Lead and develop an efficient and effective operation in line with the mine site plans and key performance indicators (KPI’s) within the Camp Facilities Management (CFM) areas
  • Supports the Camp Manager in leading all Heads of Department (HOD) to ensure that the agreed Contract/Scope of Work is adhered to as well as coordinate day-to-day operations
  • Delegates responsibilities and sets realistic objectives to all HOD’s (in partnership with Camp Manager)
  • Organizes the work load effectively and efficiently (in partnership with the Camp Manager)
  • Participates in unbiased monthly employee performance appraisals and reviews (on all HOD) based on job descriptions to determine competency, knowledge, and contribution to the continuous improvement of the operation
  • Ensures that all Heads of Department conduct performance appraisals on all staff and submits them to the Operations Manager within the specified timeframe
  • Works with Human Resources to address behavior and performance issues, using progressive discipline as appropriate
  • Ensures consistent scheduling and follow-up of staff training, and maintains accurate records of each employee
  • Ensures programs and schedules required to ensure cleanliness of all departments and offices within the Camp Facilities Management areas (including camp perimeters) are followed
  • Ensures that all local recruitment and interviews are conducted in accordance with company guidelines
  • Identifies a person responsible to support tasks and responsibilities in the event of being unavailable or on rotation leave
  • Assists with planning and implementing improvements and expansions within the CFM areas
  • Upkeep the morale of the whole team
  • Ensures confidentiality, organized, meticulous and a flexible approach to working hours and operational requirements
  • Maintains all budgets and costs in accordance with identified guidelines and targets
  • Ensure staff are wearing clean and presentable, prescribed company uniforms


  • Participates in weekly staff meetings with the Camp Manager and staff (leads meetings when Camp Manager is offsite). The attendance record and minutes from the meeting will be held on file for auditing purposes, with the most current minutes posted on the employee notice board.
  • Ensures all departments conduct daily Toolbox Talks at the start of each shift and that attendance records are properly filed for future reference
  • Updates skills and knowledge to ensure staff are trained in the industry’s most current best practices
  • Trains and mentors a National/local employee in all aspects of Camp Management, man-management skills, customer service attitude etc.


  • Acts as the Point of Contact (POC) person for the Clients issues and concerns at site level when the Camp Manager is unavailable or on rotation.
  • Communicates directly with Camp Manager and Camp Administration for all daily concerns
  • Maintain good customer relations and resolve any complaints and concerns in a timely manner. Follow up on open issues or concerns
  • Support the Camp Manager to collect and review Customer Survey Forms and implements corrective actions where necessary


  • Ensures that all internal systems are being used effectively in accordance with company policy and procedure
  • Ensures effective participation by staff in the implementation of QA and QHSE policies and procedures
  • Complies with company and legal standards (safety, hygiene, and environment)
  • Takes Corrective Action immediately if there is non-conformance
  • Completes any Incident & Accident reports, conducts root cause investigations, changes policy and procedures where necessary to prevent re-occurrences and re-trains staff in any new procedures
  • Develops specific Job Hazard Analysis (JHA’s) Worksheets, ensures all staff are trained and made aware of all risks involved in the task, adhere to all safety precautions and sign the JHA at the start of each task
  • Ensures all Risk Assessments and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) are carried out and documented
  • Ensures all departments gather the necessary QHSE data throughout the month for statistics to be presented in their End of Month Report
  • Ensures all QHSE statistics are filed in a tidy, professional manner and easily available for auditing purposes
  • Monitors any sub-contractors working under our guidance to ensure compliance with site HSE regulations
  • Ensures all Standard Operating Procedures, Forms and Manuals being used on-site are the most current and up to date version
  • Ensures that the Emergency Response Plans and business continuity plans are kept up to date and staff made aware of their roles in the event of an emergency situation
  • Ensures all local/national Health Cards are up to date for all camp staff and maintains soft & hard copies for quick reference
  • Ensures regular HSE quality checks and inspections are carried out and documented in all areas with special emphasis on food handling and food safety
  • Escorts and cooperates with the Clients HSE Team during all audits and inspections around the camp facilities
  • Conducts internal audits to ensure all areas are being managed appropriately.
  • Conducts Site/Departmental Orientation where necessary with any internal visitors and sub-contractors


  • Support the Camp Manager to ensure that all necessary reports are submitted on time to the Operations Manager.
  • Supports the Camp Manager in the development of the End of Month Report
  • Prepares a Hand-over/Take-over Report (HOTO Report) before leaving for rotation
  • Oversees and manages procurement, consumption and accounting report
  • Completes daily financial (inventory, expenditure, labor) accounting report and submits to Head Office
  • Monitors the use and inventory of materials and equipment and initiates minimum stock levels for reordering
  • Gathers data and tracks Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) for end of month reporting to the Client and Executive Management. KPI’s will be decided at the beginning of each year with target percentages identified.


  • Attendance may be required occasionally outside normal work hours to deal with emergency situations, faults with camp/site utility systems, and/or specialist critical systems
  • Company uniform must be worn

Skills/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES and specifications


  • Hospitality Degree/Diploma, or 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry with at least 7 years in a Camp Management role
  • Previous experience in running large Camp Facilities
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken), and Spanish
  • IOSH Managing Safely (preferable)
  • Strong organization, leadership, people management and team building skills
  • Excellent customer service skills with a strong customer focus
  • Calm under pressure with a mature outlook
  • A Team Player with a “firm-but-fair” approach to all situations
  • An excellent communicator, able to work with all levels of the organization
  • Self-motivated with strong initiative
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Experience with integrated Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical thinker with numeracy skills
  • Experience with quality assurance and control
  • Ability to accurately complete documentation and paperwork effectively and efficiently
  • Ability to implement and maintain a paper-trail and filing system for internal auditing purposes
  • Ability to understand and be familiar with general work flow processes, procedures and systems
  • Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions at a high professional standard
  • Able to deal with emergency situations in accordance with Company and Client policies and procedures
  • Models high standards of performance and behavior
  • Able to develop team commitment and co-operation, encouraging and promoting team performance
  • “Leads by example” with excellent leadership qualities, influential and a proficient decision maker
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